AiR Programme


September/October 2022

Current Artist in Residence: Christian Hincapié

Applications for our 2022 Artist in Residence Programme have now closed


51Cth is a newly formed artist run association dedicated to keeping the sculptural and contemporary art field thriving and evolving. 51Cth is located in a large old industrial complex with common workspaces and private studios. 51Cth consist of 14 independent artist and a professional bronze caster foundry (Broncestøberiet Peter Jensen ApS). 51Cth aims of becoming a facilitator for progressive work in a sculptural setting, where one has access to the required facilities as well as the professional expertise needed for using them. This takes place in a forum that supports and encourages professional artists to exchange their experience and knowledge with each other in a focused working environment as well as through group critiques, artist talks and similar activities. 

51Cth is supported by The Obel Family Foundation and The Islands of Denmarks’ Arts Foundation.

About 51Cth and its residency programme:

It is 51Cth’s objective to strengthen and further artistic cooperation both within the local area and internationally. The aim with this residency programme is to facilitate an exchange between 51Cth and the visiting artist to continue in developing a continuous critical, constructive and practice based dialogue within contemporary art. 

The facilities of 51Cth is mainly situated in an open workshop environment. We have one studio for one visiting artist which is situated next to the workshops and the other studios. It is constructed with movable partitions in order to accommodate different practices and spatial needs for each resident.

The residency is first and foremost created to serve as an intensive period for experimenting and realising work while in parallel with this carry on a critical reflection about this in an active studio community. 

What to expect:

The members of 51Cth will assist you with everything from getting settled as well as introducing you to the workshops. However it is expected that the project is carried out independently. It is a central part of 51Cth to foster and communicate the many aspects of an artistic process. 

While working on your project it is expected that you give a type of presentation of your project and/or praxis. 

51Cth will host a welcome dinner soon after arrival as well as a meeting focused on planning the residents work during the 6 week stay. 

Practical requirements:

If the resident wishes to work with highly specialized techniques or methods (like metal casting etc.) these will have to be planned with set deadlines in order to guarantee the project can be realized. 

Safety shoes with steel inforced toe and sole is mandatory. You will need to bring this yourself.

You need a liability insurance to work in the workshops, and we will ask you to send us documentation of this no later than a week before arrival. 

Duration of residency:

This application is for all residency periods. Each period is 6 weeks.

Who can apply

The residency is open to artists from any country outside of Denmark. The selection process is based on the merits and quality of the artistic practice in conjunction with diversity in the residency program.

Who cannot apply

People under the age of 25. People who are, or will be enrolled in an educational program during the residency period. 

About the area

The area surrounding the residency consists of industrial complexes, and hardware stores, 5 minutes walk away is the train station, with regular trains to Copenhagen, (it is 25 minutes train ride from Copenhagen). Roskilde University is also located here, as well as supermarkets, cafes and dining places. 


19 m2 individual studio space


180 m2 common workspace area, (mainly for - but not restricted to sculptural works) with bronze casting, metal workshop, wood workshop, a digital 3D workshop with 3Dprinters etc. and dust free area for delicate pictorial and sculptural works. 


200 m2 outdoor common workspace area, as well as 20m2 tent for works with stone, toxic/dusty materials etc. 


27 m2 bedroom situated above the studio spaces and workshops. The resident will have access to bath, a fully functioning kitchen as well as washing machine. You will be the only one living in the building, but the members of 51Cth will be present at different times of day. 51Cth strive to have common lunch breaks and sometimes a dinner or tea in the evening.

Please note that visitors are allowed for shorter periods of time, and that it is only the recipient of the residency who is allowed to stay the full period. 


51Cth covers the costs of the travel for the resident, up to 500 € (Economy Class), a production grant of 830 € covering materials and other expenses related to art production - spendings exceeding this budget relies on the resident. The recipient will receive the grants after they have forwarded these expenses to 51Cth. It is the residents’ own responsibility to cover potential expenses for transportation of works.

51Cth also offers an artist fee of 600 € to make a public event, such as an artist-talk or similar. 

A deposit of 400 € will be held back from your artist fee until the end of the stay. If the studiospace and living space is not cleaned before departure, 150 € will be withdrawn from the deposit.

Send us:

Please send us the following information in one compiled PDF titled with your name: 

Ex: name_surname.pdf

A written motivated application, (max. 2000 characters incl. spacing) 

It can be a specific project - though its not necessarily required to be a specific project.

Please specify the preferred period of your stay.

A description of your praxis, (max. 2000 characters incl. spacing).


Max. 10 pages in a4 format, with images of works made within the last two years. The images may only be accompanied with captions, describing the materials used, year of production, size and title of work.

CV (1 page) with most important shows, projects, residencies, grants or awards.

Application should be sent to 

Please write “Residency application 2022” in the subject field.

Please note that applications that doesn't fulfill these requirements, will not be considered.  

We will respond to the applications 14 days after the deadline.
Rejected applications will not be further explained.


 The AiR Programme is kindly supported by:

51Cth member in 3D workshop

Alu pour in sand mould by 2019 resident Paulina Mellado

51Cth AiR studio - 2019 resident Camilla Steinum

51Cth member in metal workshop

Dinner-party in 51Cth

Collective work-day with 51Cth members

Artist talk by 2019 resident Paulina Mellado

Visiting artists in the 51Cth AiR programme: 


Camilla Steinum (NO/DE)

Paulina Mellado (CL)


Vanessa Brown (CA)


Judith Geerts (NB)
Unu Sohn (US/HK/KR)