AiR Programme

AiR PROGRAMME (2019-2022)

The 51Cth AiR Programme ended in 2022

It is 51Cth’s objective to strengthen and further artistic cooperation both within the local area and internationally. The aim with the 51Cth Residency Programme was to facilitate an exchange between 51Cth and the visiting artist to continue in developing a continuous critical, constructive and practice based dialogue within contemporary art.

The residency was first and foremost created to serve as an intensive period for experimenting and realising work while in parallel with this carry on a critical reflection about this in an active studio community.

Visiting artists in the 51Cth AiR programme:


Camilla Steinum (NO/DE)

Paulina Mellado (CL)


Vanessa Brown (CA)


Judith Geerts (NB)
Unu Sohn (US/HK/KR)

Christian Hincapié (US)

51Cth thanks all the visiting artists for generously sharing their artistic process and practice while staying with us.

 The 51Cth AiR Programme was kindly supported by:

Alu pour in sand mould by 2019 resident Paulina Mellado

51Cth AiR studio - 2019 resident Camilla Steinum

Artist talk by 2019 resident Paulina Mellado

Bronze pour in sand mould by 2021 resident Vanessa Brown