The 51Cth community

51Cth is founded on a commitment to an artistic community, and the sharing of knowledge. 
This community was also formed to support the individual artist's practice, through an access to space, facilities and highly specialized knowledge that would otherwise be difficult to access on our own. 

51Cth consists of 13 artists and the foundry, Broncestøberiet, creating an unique platform for artistic and technical research and sparring across different practices and fields. 


Broncestøberiet Peter Jensen

Christine Overvad Hansen

Frederik Egesborg

Ida Retz Wessberg

Jacob Alrø 

Johna Hansen

Jytte Høy

Lydia Hauge Sølvberg

Mathias Riis Andersen

Silas Inoue

Therese Bülow

Tora Schultz Larsen 

Gustav Gaston

Olga Benedicte